First Steps Network - Sitters You Can TrustQ: Do you know all of the sitters?
A: Yes. First Steps began with a small group of friends and started to grow as friends-of-friends began to join. A First Steps representative now meets with each potential sitter as part of the approval and application process.

Q: Do the sitters come with background checks?
A: Yes. A highly detailed nationwide criminal background check is performed and kept on file for every First Steps sitter. As of November 2014 we have added a social trace, which includes all traffic violations. Beginning June 2014 background checks will be rerun every 2 years.

Q: How much do you charge for your services?
A: It is currently a $249.99 enrollment fee for the first year, and $149.99 per year thereafter, to be a member of First Steps as a parent. Rates and payments are then worked out directly between you and your sitter after the job is complete. All sitters pay $39.99 their first year to join First Steps and $19.99 annually thereafter. This sign-up cost covers the background check portion of their application.

Q: What is the going rate for babysitting these days?
A: We recommend between $11-25 per hour depending on the number of children and responsibilities requested. Some First Steps sitters will establish their own personal “rate” also contingent upon number of children and responsibilities. However, feel free to set your own rate for First Steps to include in your sitter requests.

Q: How do the sitters get paid?
A: Sitters are paid directly by the parents following each sitting job. First Steps is purely a network tool connecting parents and sitters. First Steps does not involve itself in the payment of sitters.

Q: Can First Steps be used to find a pet sitter? A nanny? A house sitter?
A: Of course! We are happy to send requests outside of the typical babysitting mold. Simply inform First Steps the same way you would when in need of a sitter and upon approval it will hit the network. If you are seeking a nanny, the process and pricing is a bit different. Please contact us to schedule a consultation or to learn more.

Q: Can groups such as in office daycares, hotels, event planners join First Steps?
A: Yes! First Steps is happy to cater to groups and establish a group membership. Please fill out the form on the Contact Us page so that we may further discuss the details.

Q: If I am visiting Atlanta is there an option to use the service one time?
A: Yes. Please apply under Join and indicate your visit details within the special needs field. An e-invoice of $39.99 will then be sent to the email registered. Upon remittance, your sitter’s information will be provided. Each sitter matched is $39.99. You may use one sitter for multiple dates (i.e. within a weekend, weeklong visit, etc.).


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