How It Works

First Steps Network - Parents & Sitters. ConnectedNetworking Tool

The best way to think about First Steps is as a networking tool. First Steps connects parents to sitters but does not “employ” childcare providers. When you sign up, you become a member and may use First Steps as often as you like, making finding a sitter more convenient and reliable. First Steps directly connects parents to sitters and provides the parents with direct contact information for them.

First Steps does not prohibit parents from contacting sitters at anytime, directly, outside of the network. Yet we stand by our model as the easiest way to find an available sitter at anytime – especially last minute. We strive to make the process of finding a sitter easier on parents and hope that though direct contact information is provided, parents will continue to allow First Steps to place them with the best sitters, fast!

First Steps Network - A Sitter is One Step Away


Sitters, once you have been approved by First Steps, following all application processes, you will instantly begin receiving babysitting jobs via email. You may remain a member as long as you would like if continuing education is maintained, or you may un-join at anytime. Please note that to re-join you must go back through the application process.


Parents, once you have been approved by First Steps, following all application processes, you may never have to play phone tag with sitters again! Just send your requests and you’ll be contacted back as soon as possible with the name and direct contact information for your willing and able sitter. Then, simply send a direct email to your sitter to confirm. Of course, please also contact your sitter directly if anything changes or you need to cancel.

There is no limit on use and no rules against making direct relationships with First Steps sitters. Email us from your Smartphone anytime and carry on with your life. Leave it up to us to find your sitter while you focus on what’s important – time with your kids!

Here’s how easy it is:

  1. Parent emails sitter need to First Steps
  2. First Steps routes request through sitter network
  3. Best match to respond is awarded the job
  4. First Steps sends name, email and sitter profile with contact info to parent
  5. Parent emails sitter directly to confirm the details

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