Buckhead, new mom of one

When getting married in Nov. 2009, I faced a dilemma many brides-to-be are familiar with: to invite or not invite…. children, that is! While we love children, we chose to have an adult-only event. Still, I didn’t want to ostracize friends with children or make it difficult for out-of-town guests to attend just because they did not have a sitter. Thank goodness for Quinn Fordham and First Steps! I was able to provide sitters for numerous guests — for children as young as 3 months and on up! My friends and relatives were able to connect with their individual sitter prior to the wedding weekend, and I heard nothing but rave reviews about each sitter from every person who had one. It would have been impossible for me to find multiple sitters and manage that process leading up to my wedding – but First Steps made everyone happy!

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