Quinn Fordham and sons

Quinn Fordham and sons

In May of 2009 First Steps Atlanta was started by Quinn Copeland Fordham as a way to help friends find babysitting jobs and to ease the process for parents. In just a little over one year, the network more than quadrupled in size simply by word of mouth.

Not being from Atlanta, Quinn spent her first few years in the city hoping to find babysitting jobs to supplement her entry-level income, but was unable to connect with parents in need. After joining a few area volunteer organizations and having conversations with moms around her, she quickly realized that the struggle to connect is present for parents too. Other sitter and care services are great for some, but the majority of families and sitters Quinn came in contact with prefer the personal touch of First Steps and the security of knowing each member has met with a First Steps representative, among other requirements, before being accepted into the network.

Quinn Fordham is now a spirited entrepreneur, wife and a mother of two amazing young boys. She created this network to simplify the lives of busy families. First Steps provides a flexible, reliable childcare option curating the connection between passionate care providers and families in need of great help.

Listen to Quinn’s podcast interview on “Turning Your Side Hustle into Your Full Time Job.”


By signing up for First Steps as a parent, you’ll have access to nearly 500 (and growing!) professional women who love to sit in their spare time. Yes, First Steps has sitters for both daytime and evening needs. Our sitters have regular 9-5’s, flexible positions, are going back to school or are currently in transition. The best part? We do all of the hard work and make the connection for you. All of our sitters go through a rigorous application and approval process – including a background check – before being added to the network. After being accepted as a parent, all it takes is one request sent to us for help and we connect you with an available, top notch sitter almost instantaneously depending on the popularity of the date. No, we cannot guarantee a sitter every time you need one, but being unable to find you a sitter is rare. Over the years, the inability to fill a request has occurred mostly during last minute requests on a popular weekend night or during busy times of year, such as the holiday season.


By signing up to be a sitter with First Steps, you’ll conveniently receive babysitting opportunities to the email address of your choosing – we recommend the one received on your Smartphone. If you can sit, simply reply – quickly – to a job that you’d like. If unavailable, delete and wait for another. You’ll know by the subject line if it’s a good fit. The jobs go to the best match that responds the quickest. Did you get the job? You will hear from First Steps if so. The next step? The parent contacts the sitter directly to confirm the details.

If you’re new to Atlanta, First Steps is perfect for you. If you’ve been in Atlanta all your life, First Steps will help you find additional sitters or sitting jobs and provide and even greater connection to your community.

Regardless of how you found First Steps, we know it will make your life so much easier and would love to have you become part of the network!

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