Why Sitters Choose First Steps?

Work When You Want

Use your First Steps membership as much or as little as you’d like with zero commitments. As an independent contractor, you decide when you work. Simply do a great job and keep necessary credentials – CPR training, annual dues, clear background check – up to date and First Steps jobs will continually fill your inbox for consideration. If interested, simply reply. If not, delete.

Quality Families

As a sitter with First Steps you are paid directly and keep all of what you make. We encourage families to invest in our great sitters and to directly book their favorites over and over too. Since First Steps does not take a cut of your pay, hourly rates are always at – or above – market rate.

Build Ongoing Relationships

The First Steps Network encourages and fosters relationship building. Members are allowed to directly communicate with their favorites. First Steps is also safer. Just as we ensure all care providers are well screened, each First Steps family home – or organization site – is visited by a First Steps representative before anyone is assigned to them. Additionally, our word-of-mouth based business model keeps our network familiar.

Think about First Steps as a networking tool.

First Steps makes connections easier and does not “employ” providers. When you sign up, you become a member and may use First Steps as often as you like. First Steps does not prohibit members from contacting one another at anytime, directly, outside of the network. We stand by our model as the easiest way to find an available sitter at anytime – especially last minute. We strive to make the process of securing childcare easier, better and faster!

How it Works for Sitters

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Sign Up

  • Parents and Children
  • Location and Contact
  • Your Preferences

To get started, complete your registration. We’ll ask you to select a few preferences so we can find only the families who will be the best match for you. After you complete this, a First Steps representative will contact the references you provide and then reach out to complete your application, including an interview.


Reply to Jobs

  • Date of Request
  • Starting Time
  • Ending Time

When a parent requests a sitter, our technology automatically compares the details of the job posting with the preferences saved in your First Steps profile. You will receive notifications of job postings only when they match all of your preferences. You will receive an email with everything you will need to know about a job. If you want it, simply respond by clicking the button in the email.


Get Selected and Go Sit!

  • Fri 9:30a – 4:45p
  • Sun 3:00p – 10:00p
  • Tue 4:30p – 8:30p

Parents will receive an email with profiles of all available sitters who match their family profile. Before selecting you as their sitter, parents have a chance to review profiles. Once selected for a job, you’ll receive a confirmation email providing the contact information for the parent. Communicate directly to arrange any remaining details. Simple.

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By signing up with First Steps, you’ll conveniently receive opportunities that match your availability. The best part? We make sure our sitting environments are safe and expectations are managed. Our on-the-ground team visits all locations where jobs will take place before allowing membership. We discuss the First Steps model in depth and admit members who are appreciative of professional, experienced and quality providers. If you can sit, simply click Apply! Did you get the job? You will receive confirmation. The next step? Coordinate with the parents to confirm any remaining details. Do a great job? You can be contacted directly to sit again and again!

Our Sitters Love Us

  • First Steps is a lifesaver for parents, and it’s fantastic for sitters and nannies as well.

    ~ TaJanna, sitter since 2013
  • I could not recommend this company more.

    ~ Michelle, sitter since 2012
  • I was a sitter for First Steps for many years. I loved every bit of the experience! I was fortunate to form great relationships with several families throughout the process. Joining First Steps when I moved to Atlanta helped me get acquainted with the city and gave me a sense of a community.

    ~ Brooke, sitter since 2015
  • I worked as a sitter for First Steps while I was in college. The administrative team is made up of wonderful people who really care about their families and sitters. I always recommend First Steps to friends new to Atlanta!

    ~ Amelia, sitter since 2011